Our customers

The high standards that ASAP has imposed, has brought a lot of international and local companies.

What we offer our customers is not just a service, but a complete and reliable solution for every customer.

Corporate customers

Our desire to constantly offer the best solutions in the IT technologies world, brought to us a large number of international and local companies, who chose our service. The list with ASAP’s customers is constantly growing. Here are some of our corporate customers:

Customers from the public sector

ASAP offers a wide variety of IT solutions, which are developed specially for public institutions. For a short period we succeeded to attract a large number of public institutions and local authorities. Here is a list of some of our customers from the public sector:

What customers say about us

Столична община, Район Илинден

„…With this reference, hereby we would like to express the excellent impressions from our cooperative work with ASAP, who is providing subscription services for technical support of our computer systems. The successful work with them, give us the reason to evaluate highly their propriety and the professionalism of their specialists...“

Столична община, Район Нови Искър

“…We would like to express the good impressions we have from our mutual work with ASAP, who is performing for us support of our computer systems, telephone exchange system and the technical equipment at district “Novi Iskar”. All services were performed with high attention and speed…”

Daniela Raycheva - Deputy Mayor Sofia Municipality district „Novi Iskar“
Столична община, Район Връбница

„…This document is issued to confirm our good impression of the activities which ASAP performed in executing contract with subject "Subscription maintenance of computer systems and equipment, as well as subscription maintenance of PBX and internal communications infrastructure." The company demonstrated built work style and professionalism in carrying out their commitments, which allows us to recommend it as a reliable partner...“

Mladen Mladenov- Mayor Sofia Municipality district „Vrabnitza“
Столична община, Район Люлин

"... This reference aims to confirm our good impressions of ASAP, as a result of their work under contract with the subject:" Subscription maintenance of PBX and its adjoining inland, as well as customer equipment due to them. " All activities under the contract were performed with excellent quality, speed and accuracy ... "

Milko Mladenov - Mayor Sofia Municipality district „Lyulin“