Management of "ASAP" Ltd. is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the quality of the services offered fully satisfy the requirements of customers and society. The effective management and minimizing the harmful impacts on information security are all part of the policy and strategy of the company.

The management agrees to comply with the applicable laws and others voluntarily accepted requirements relating to the establishment of the services and protection of the information security.

The management committed to the execution of:

Quality Policy

"ASAP" Ltd. declares that main aim of the management and entire staff is to satisfy the requirements of the clients in accordance with agreed terms and the current regulations. Continually strives to provide modern, efficient and quality services adapted to the conditions of a free and competitive market with quality meeting the current and future customer requirements and bargains.

"ASAP" Ltd. continuously monitor the level of customer satisfaction and examines their recommendations, requirements, and complaints, to improve the quality of services.

"ASAP" Ltd. maintains a team of highly qualified staff and take care to maintain a favorable atmosphere. Provides training to increase staff qualifications and their motivation for high-quality work and internal adjustment to continuous and measurable improvements in everyday work. Strives for every employee to realize the importance of his actions on client satisfaction and prosperity of the company.

In the work with clients and partners "ASAP" Ltd. ensures accuracy, responsibility, and efficiency, constant contact with the client, honesty and strict implementation of the commitments. Strives to achieve Client confidence about the possibility to reach the required level of the quality and to maintain it over time.

Information security policy of "ASAP" Ltd.

Implementation of effective security policies and creation of conditions for continuously process management in the Organization;

Development of a system for information security, able to satisfy high expectations of the customers and the specifics of the business;

Establishment of Organization in terms of reliable and continuous management of the processes and specific services through continuous identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of the risks for the assets, implementation of adequate controls, provision of legally, technological, technical and tactical compliance and security awareness;

Implementation of specialized plans for risk treatment, continuity of operation and recovery after a crisis, providing comprehensive safety and others. ;

Effective and efficient use of the available innovational, informational, material, human and financial resources in accordance with the security requirements of all assets;

Managing the continuous process of training, awareness and motivation of personnel in the aspects of security.

"ASAP" Ltd. implements and maintains INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY AND INFORMATION SECURITY, complying with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 27001: 2005. "ASAP" Ltd. perceives process approach for establishing and maintaining the integrated system. Implements corrective and preventive actions in emerging inconsistencies. In this connection performs determining, planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of all processes affecting the quality of services and information security.

Management of "ASAP" Ltd. agrees to comply with applicable legal and other requirements accepted voluntarily concerning services which place on the market. Implement and maintain an integrated system of quality management and information security. Periodically evaluates the effectiveness of the system.

Management of "ASAP" Ltd declares that this policy for QUALITY AND INFORMATION SECURITY is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization.

As Managing Director of "ASAP" Ltd., on my behalf and on behalf of the entire Management


Involvement and responsibility in the implementation of the announced QUALITY POLICY AND INFORMATION SECURITY and constant revision of adequacy.

On 15/08/2013