Business IT Solutions

ASAP is an official partner of SAP, Microsoft and Cisco for the territory of Bulgaria and can offer whole IT solutions for the small and medium business.


ASAP is a company, which develops and implements a variety of IT solutions, and its main goal is to improve the quality of your business. As we deeply understand the needs of small and medium business today, our efforts are focused in 3 basic directions: to increase the productivity of your company, to reduce your expenses, and at last, but not least – to help you expand your business. We can offer you the following solutions:

  • Business computer support services

    ASAP offers complete support for computer equipment in your company. Our specialists have experience providing on-site and remote services, thanks to our developed Helpdesk center and the ability to access through a secure and encrypted connection remotely.

  • Rent an IT professional

    There is a growing need for companies to have an IT specialist available throughout the working day. Therefore, we developed a special service, called "rent an IT professional". If you choose to take advantage of this service, we will send you a highly qualified expert who will fully meet the needs of your business.

  • Support for printing devices

    We offer a complete solution for maintaining your printing devices, regardless of their number, brand, and model. We include maintenance of printers, copiers, scanners, and plotters and management of the printing process in your organization. This will inevitably reduce printing costs while extending the life of devices and improving their performance.

  • Microsoft 365 support

    Employee mobility is one of the most significant advantages of any organization. ASAP offers Microsoft 365 deployment and support services in your organization. You'll rediscover familiar Microsoft applications that will now be available from multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. Convenient.

  • Structured cabling

    The ASAP team offers you a complete solution for building and maintaining cable systems, guaranteeing better communication between the departments and units in your company. In addition, the quality of the performed activities is controlled at each stage of the implementation.

  • SAP services

    ASAP takes into account the uniqueness of each company. In this regard, we analyze the needs of our customers and offer a wide range of SAP services, including the ability to create and implement procedures for managing SAP business processes.

  • Building VPN networks

    ASAP offers you to build a secure VPN network in your organization. This way, you will be able to use software applications and information stored on remote servers. You will have access to the company network wherever you are. The information passing through the VPN network is encrypted, and its safety is guaranteed.

  • CISCO support

    Cisco is a leader in the design and construction of network devices. If you face the installation or maintenance of Cisco networks in your company, you will probably need professional help. The team of certified Cisco ASAP specialists is at your disposal.

  • Second level IT support

    The service is suitable for companies with their own IT department or IT professionals performing basic computer support but needs some help to troubleshoot more complicated issues.

  • ASAP computers and servers

    ASAP offers reliable computers, servers, and storage (storage solutions) with its brand ASAP. Thanks to stable partnerships with the world's leading component manufacturers, which we have built over the years, allowing the company to offer an extremely reliable and secure solution at an affordable price, designed for both business and public sector.