Building VPN networks

The building of a VPN (virtual private network) is an effective solution, which will enable you to connect your distant offices in one corporate network. The solution is suitable for companies, which have offices, located in different territories of the country and need to be constantly related in between.

What is VPN?

With VPN (virtual private network) you can build safe connections to other networks over the Internet. ASAP can build a safe VPN for your company. You will have access to software applications and information, which are located on remote servers. And will have access to the company network wherever you are. The information, which passes through the VPN network is encrypted and its safety is guaranteed. When you choose to trust ASAP to build and support your VPN, you get:

Qualitative support at affordable price

Easy management and repayment of your investments

Real-time communication between distant branch offices of your company

Integration of different software applications: ERP, financial, e-mail, etc.

High level accessibility of the service

SLA - Service Level Agreement

Secure the connections in your company network for remote or mobile users with IPSec VPN

Nowadays, in the dynamic technology reality, it is extremely important to rely on high-tech solutions for the development of your business. And it is very risky for the security of your data to give access to important corporate information to your employees, who are outside the office. The strength of IPSec is the ability to create private network transmissions, with the use of remote connections, or in other words IPSec is a network protocol, who enables secure remote connections to your corporate network, using another network, and encrypts the transferred data.

IPSec VPN is suitable for companies, who develop their business through remote offices, like restaurants, trade chains, companies with several branch offices in different locations in the country. IPSec VPN ensures the safety of the transferred data and information between the offices.

You can expand the scope of your VPN through remote access

The remote access allows you to work even if you are at home or on a business travel. Site-to-site VPN can transfer your working place literally anywhere – airport, hotel room, coffee shop or at home. Your employees will have fast, flexible and very safe access to corporate applications and resources.

The remote access services are a practical solution to expand the scope of your VPN connection, and is suitable for companies, whose employees are travelling a lot or offer possibility for work from home. Using those type of service, the company will feel safe that the corporate data is protected and their employees will have constant access to the corporate resources over the network anywhere they are.