ABAP Development

ASAP has years of experience in building and delivering SAP developments using SAP and non-SAP development technologies. We can solve customer problems and provide custom solutions and remediation for ABAP programs. We can also build applications using SAP Web IDE, ABAP, Fiori, and SAP UI5.


ASAP’s experienced ABAP developers will provide you custom SAP integrations, reports, transactions, and any kind of functional enhancement you need. Our services include custom development of reports, transactions, and enhancements:

Обектно-ориентиран ABAP (OO-ABAP)

Object-oriented ABAP (OO-ABAP)

ABAP речник

ABAP dictionary

Функционални модули

Function modules

Бизнес add-ins (BADI)

Business add-ins (BADI)

Business transaction event (BTE)

Business transaction event (BTE)

User exits

User exits and customer exits


Innovative and helpful SAP Suite systems facilitate the creation of new products. A smoother digital transition is enabled by SAP tools such as WEB IDE and Fiori, which minimize the time-consuming on-premise services. With SAP UI5, application development is faster, more cost-effective, and implementations are less disruptive. ASAP is an expert in SAP cloud platform services based on SAP IDE:

We know that you must react quickly to user expectations and improve the efficiency of your development process. Using SAP Web IDE from the SAP cloud platform, we ensure that your web-based apps are delivered quickly. Using SAP Web IDE, teams can collaborate in real-time and develop, test, and deploy applications seamlessly. UI5 and SAP Fiori apps are developed using the intuitive workbench environment of the platform, which consists of wizards, templates, and code editors.

We will design mobile app version very quickly because SAP cloud platform mobile services are strongly connected with SAP Fiori. You can enjoy the advantages of accessing, distributing and using your SAP Fiori apps on all operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android) and devices. Trust the expert SAP developers of ASAP, who can support you with customised, smart approaches for providing the best system user experience.




In our team we have Developers, Technical Architects, User Interface Designers and Testers. We work on-site, off-site, or a mixture of both, depending on our client’s needs. As a SAP partner, we can help you with the latest SAP tools and processes.


ASAP’s team will help you to build great solutions Our experts can assist you with any SAP development task, whether it is enhancing or modifying existing solutions, legacy system replacement or implementing new functionality. We strongly believe that QA must start at the beginning of the development process. For a successful project the foundation is having good unit tests lays. A combination of test-driven development and automated testing ensures that testing is central to the development process, not just a side effect. ASAP may help your team to rethink testing and integrate it into your development process.

Ефективни решения
Поддръжка при проектирането


ASAP will also support you during the solution design phase. We use agile techniques so we can quickly move from concept to working software. We know that the one constant in software development is the change. Small iterations reduce the impact of changing requirements by enabling the project stakeholders to demonstrate working software frequently. At the same time, progress can be seen in working software rather than in documentation.


  • Code and architecture review

  • Legacy code review

  • Release strategies and development methodologies

  • Review of the available technologies in your SAP system that you may not be using

  • SAO strategy and implementation (review of options / approaches)