Print Management

ASAP can offer a complete solution to support your printing devices, no matter what is their quantity, brand or model. Our solution includes maintenance of printers, copiers, plotters, but also effective management of the print processes at your organization.

Our solution

ASAP has developed own solution for management of printing process, which does not depend on the type or quantity of your printing devices. Researches indicate that the customers, who are using this solution, have decreased the time spent for printing troubleshooting of their employees and the expenses for printed copies up to 40%.

The key activities, which we perform in order to deliver high efficiency of the solution, are:

  • Analyses

    Before we present our offer to your organization, our professionals will prepare report, based on analyses of your internal infrastructure and working processes, your individual needs.

  • Resource planning

    Based on the data, collected from the analyses, we will prepare a plan for the optimization of the number of printing devices, how many and what models are really needed for the smooth process of your business.

  • Support

    Our specialists will provide constant support for your printers, copiers, scanners and plotters, and will be responsible to remove every problem, hardware or software, in order to guarantee their proper work.

  • Delivery and transportation

    We will deliver all spare parts and printing supplies right to your door, in order to facilitate your business and to work with only one partner. We will also install and test the supplied parts and consumables.

  • Print management control

    We will offer you a software program, which shows the real printing activity and resource usage. Thanks to the collected data and analytics, we can detect the activities, which need more resources and to work for their optimization.

  • Monitoring

    During the process of monitoring your equipment, we will be able to predict some problems before they actually occur and to prevent them from happening. We will provide you with smooth uninterrupted and high reliable service of your printing devices.

What makes us different amongst the others

Many companies are presented on our market to offer standard printing support. We understand that this is not enough to protect you and your business. We can offer value added services to help you improve the efficiency of the working process: