RDBMS support services

ASAP offers comprehensive and high-quality database services. We go beyond standard database management and operational support.

Supported databases

With our team, your data systems will always be managed, performance will constantly be optimized, and security posture will be hardened. ASAP's team specializes and has detailed knowledge of the most popular database technologies.


PostgreSQL Database Support Services

Our technology experts have extensive experience with the development and support of PostgreSQL and PostGIS. ASAP is one of the official PostgreSQL partners in Europe. Information about our partner status is available on the official PostgreSQL site.


MySQL Database Support Services

If you need some help with MySQL Database, ASAP can offer you a comprehensive solution scaled by your need that includes one or more of the following services: managed services support to your database systems, performance tuning and database optimization, high availability/clustering solutions, upgrades, and migration.



Your mission-critical applications depend on your MariaDB database environment. Whether you deploy MariaDB on-premises, in the cloud, or using Amazon RDS, trust ASAP Support to help your business succeed.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL

ASAP offers Professional Microsoft SQL Server consulting, implementation, and ongoing support. You can also trust us with high availability/disaster recovery (Clustering, Log Shipping, Mirroring), upgrades, migrations, replication, cloud migration, integration services (SSIS), and general ETL development, and more.


Oracle Database Support

Our Oracle database experts provide a comprehensive support package for your Oracle environments. This also involves extensive proactive monitoring to keep your database optimized and able to address issues before they become problems.

SAP Hana

SAP Hana Services

ASAP supports SAP HANA in conjunction with support for SAP Business Suite applications, including SAP Business One and the SAP BusinessObjects. ASAP also provide supports SAP HANA Database as a standalone.

Why ASAP databases services

Our team of competent & experienced DBA specialists offers Database Administration and Consulting Services with greater quality. ASAP provides:

Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

ASAP’s team of Database Experts will monitor your database to prevent problems and ensure optimum performance. We perform routine checks and maintenance, and your systems run smoothly.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

ASAP will help you to make an effective disaster recovery plan in place, including daily, weekly, and monthly data backups that can be quickly restored.

Database Upgrade

ASAP can upgrade your database to the most current and up-to-date version.

Database Training Services

If you want to train your IT team to become familiar and proficient with the most up-to-date application, we can help you. ASAP has many years of experience in training delivery.

Server Migration of Database from One Server to Another

ASAP provides a smooth transition when you need to move data between servers, allowing you to devote your time to more important matters.

Progress Database Crash Recovery

ASAPs team can minimize the adverse effects of a database failure. We will quickly and efficiently make your system functional and accessible again.