CVT “ASAP” Ltd. has the right to provide trainings in 10 majors, to assess someone skills and to give out certificates for acquired qualifications.

What we offer you?

  • Professional vocational training and certification

    Together with the prepared and approved educational curriculum and programmes, the Center is ready to deliver theoretical and practical training in order to prepare candidates to acquire or improve their professional qualification.

  • In-Company Trainings

    CVT “ASAP” Ltd. can deliver trainings, prepared according to the individual expectations and needs of a certain employer or a company.

  • Seminars

    CVT “ASAP” Ltd. is ready to organize seminars individually and with partnering organizations on interesting and up-to-date topics related to educational opportunities, international vocational initiatives and projects.

  • Consultancy

    Thanks to its high-qualified team of specialists, CVT “ASAP” Ltd provides consultations regarding its services and also additional information for the programmes, duration and price of the courses.