In today’s highly competitive market,individuals who demonstrate that they possess essential business and technological skills enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly true if your expertise includes SAP software.



Your proven knowledge of SAP applications and technology is your passport to a wide range of opportunities. Whether you are a consultant or an employee, your skills are in great demand, and validation of those skills is critical.

Today’s businesses are taking a hard look at their investments and the returns they generate. Part of that scrutiny focuses on the proficiency and proven capabilities of the people they choose to implement and operate their SAP applications.To accelerate your career, you need to demonstrate that you are part of an elite group that has the talent and experience required to optimize SAP software.

The SAP certification program provides that competitive edge. Those who hold SAP certification have obtained their skills through rigorous study and direct experience and have proven themselves by passing demanding process-oriented examinations.


Validate Your Expertise

SAP certification is the ideal way to assess and verify your SAP solution skills. By obtaining certification or enhancing your existing certification, you demonstrate conclusively that you are qualified and proficient at optimizing SAP software to improve an organization’s business performance.

Whether you are an employee of an enterprise running SAP applications, working for a SAP partner company, or employed as an independent consultant selling, implementing, and maintaining SAP software, you will find SAP certification an essential tool in today’s competitive marketplace.


Enjoy the Benefits of Leading- Edge Certification

In addition to validating your skill set, participation in the SAP certification program delivers a wide range of extra benefits, including:Access to a personalized Web site that allows you to track your current certification status, relate your certification to career opportunities, and determine the latest course offerings and certification options;

Membership in the exclusive, Web‑based SAP-certified community, where you can interact with your other certified colleagues, share best practices and learn how others have used certification to further their careers;

Exclusive discounts on products and services. Easy online access to your SAP certificates and logos that you can use to demonstrate your qualifications to potential customers or employers;

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