SAP for Beginners

In today’s unstable economic situation education is a very important factor, which helps organizations demonstrate potential and continue to develop in the future. In every company, the most valuable are considered those employees who have SAP Certificates and can operate with SAP solutions.

Make the first step with SAP01 - SAP Overview: basic course for business consultants


SAP01 is the basic course for business consultants, which is an obligatory level for all SAP trainings regardless of the specific module. Thanks to SAP01 you can learn SAP terminology, become familiar with SAP business solutions and acquire the minimum knowledge needed to go further with your SAP training.

To start your SAP training with SAP01 you don’t need to have specific knowledge or skills in this particular area. The only thing you need to know is how to work with Microsoft Office Products and Internet browser.

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Meet the SAP ERP Financials


SAPFIN - Overview of SAP Financials is an introductory course in the financial accounting module of SAP. The purpose of this course is to present the SAP ERP Financials solution, as well as to acquire knowledge and skills for using the key functional areas and key capabilities of SAP ERP Financials. The training is suitable for participants, interested in the financial accounting module of SAP, as well as project team members involved in the SAP ERP Financials.

To reach goals and get maximum satisfaction and benefit from your participation in this course, the essential prerequisite is general knowledge of business processes in financial management, as well as a course SAP01 - SAP Overview.

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Get more into SAP Supply Chain Management


SAPSCM is the training that will familiarize you with the SAP Supply Chain Management solution. If you are interested in logistics, regardless of your past experience, it is the right course for you. Through the training, you will learn how to use this solution to execute a typical business process, including Sales & Operations Planning, planning delivery and procurement networks, production planning, manufacturing, direct procurement, warehousing and storage processes, delivery preparation, transportation.

Essential Prerequisite for maximum efficiency is Knowledge of the Windows application environment. Recommended is a basic understanding of supply chain management, as well as participation in a course SAP01 - SAP Overview.

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