Security systems

As an authorized partner, ASAP offers services for planning, building and maintaining AJAX security systems.

AJAX security systems

To date, security systems are becoming increasingly popular, offering protection for your property and ensuring your peace. We have taken care of your comfort by offering you modern and sustainable security systems. Here you can find the wireless security system AJAX.

AJAX is an innovative system with many advantages, distinguished by high reliability, easy management, resilience and immediate response to attacks. AJAX provides integrated protection that is not limited to just one functionality. The system has the ability to warn users if it detects an attack of burglary, smoke or flood. It also supports third party video surveillance cameras.

Advantages of AJAX

  • Two-way communication, working range up to 2000 meters in open space.

  • Communication via encrypted radio channel.

  • Protection against jamming and falsification.

  • The system has an additional battery power supply that allows operation for up to 16 hours during a power outage.

  • The battery life of the detector is up to 7 years.

  • The system can control up to 200 devices from over 200 users.

  • Remote calibration of the system using a mobile phone and an immediate alarm signal.

  • A message interrupting the central unit arrives within a maximum of one minute.

  • Sends push notifications to your smartphone.

  • Your choice is unlimited when integrating video surveillance into the system. AJAX supports RTSP, the standard protocol for the CCTV market.

AJAX system components

  • Intelligent control panel

    The hub is the main device in the system. It uses an encrypted radio protocol, Jeweler, to connect to detectors and monitor them. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notifications or a phone call.

  • Detectors

    AJAX detectors detect accurate movement, door movement and broken glass. They detect smoke and rising temperatures as well as floods. All this by monitoring the room temperature.

  • Sirens

    AJAX sirens are a strong indicator that a triggered alarm can signal and scare intruders. Sirens can be used indoors or outdoors, and the user has the ability to adjust the volume and duration.

  • AJAX cloud server

    The cloud server connects your hub to your smartphone. It allows the Ajax system to deliver instant alarm notifications, be easily configured and receive Internet updates that continue to make the system more secure.