ASAP provides complete solutions for radar systems, including the creation of the necessary reports and registration with the relevant authorities. We also offer flexible services for maintenance, repair and calibration of radar systems for monitoring and registration of traffic violations.

What we offer?

  • Police radar systems

    If you are looking for radar mounted on the dashboard that is reliable, flexible and accurate, we can offer a wide selection of car radars, according to your needs and infrastructure. Some of them can also be used for motorcycles.

  • Handheld radar for mobile traffic management

    If you need a flexible solution that works on a dashboard or tripod or is used as a handheld device, ASAP offers handheld radar solutions for mobile traffic management in mobile or stationary versions.

  • Police Lidar

    ASAP offers durable lidar traffic control units that eliminate interference from objects such as trees and fences. Standard features are included for all models, such as school and construction area modes, and are standard on all models.

  • Traffic control signs

    ASAP offers a wide variety of traffic control products, including radar speed signs and trailers, solar and electronic speed limit signs, which can be mounted on a pole, trailer or vehicle. We also offer an innovative flood sensor that is integrated with pole-mounted road signs to warn drivers of the danger of floods or closed roads in front of them.