Dahua SDK Development Services

ASAP provides software development services based on DAHUA SDK. The DAHUA SDK (Software Development Kit) allows integrating and customizing software solutions for management and operation of different DAHUA devices, such as DVRs, HCVRs, XVRs, NVRs, IPCs (IP Cameras), VDP (Video Door Phones), VTOs, intelligent video analysis devices, Access Control, and many others.

Avaible functions for control

Here is the list with some of the available functions for control:

  • Status monitoring

  • Real time monitoring

  • Real time video preview

  • OSD

  • Audio control

  • Record search

  • Record playback

  • Record download

  • Configuration backup

  • PTZ control

  • Transparent serial (COM) port

  • Intelligent video analysis functions

Avaible functions for management

Here is the list with some of the available functions for management:

  • Remote update

  • Remote reboot

  • Power off

  • Device parameter configuration (general configuration, alarm configuration, record configuration, serial configuration etc)

  • Log management

  • User management

  • Network configuration

The SDK and ASAP’s customized software are available for Windows and Linux. Other operating systems, with limited functionality, include Android and iOS.