Implementing a messenger service at your organization will contribute to better communication between your team members. ASAP offers you a solution, which allows the users to share any information in real time.

The effective solution for communication

The communication between the employees inside the organization is extremely important nowadays, when the days are so busy and a big part of the project team is working remotely. As we deeply understand your needs, we, at ASAP, decided to develop for you a messenger service – effective solution for better communications inside your organization.

Here are some of the main advantages of using our messenger:

  • Security

    To secure your data and information is of primary importance. Very often, the messenger will be used to share and discuss information, such as financial reports, information about customers, etc. You can stay calm for the security of all your data, when you use ASAP’s messenger, as all the information that goes through it will encrypted.

  • Control

    Depending on what you choose, you can add in the messenger list all your employees, or only a part of them. Our professionals can set the messenger in a way, that some of your employees will not have the possibility to start a chat with all their colleagues.

  • Higher work efficiency

    ASAP’s messenger allows you to send instant messages and files either to online users or offline users. The message to offline users will be delivered immediately after they start they messenger. And every user will get notification upon new incoming message.

  • Technical support

    Our team will not only implement the messenger in your organization, but will also take care for its support. In case you need some additional function settings, or to change the initial settings, or have troubles using the messenger, you can contact us for help.

ASAP messenger

Communicate quickly and easily in real time with your colleagues. Easy navigation and compatibility with all operating systems makes it extremely suitable for your organization.