Appeon PowerBuilder

As an official distributor for Bulgaria of Appeon software, ASAPIT offers you a robust solution to empower you to build faster, better, business apps for Windows, iOS, and Android.

PowerBuilder Overview

Visual IDE

A simple, intuitive, and visual-driven IDE with rapid preview capability

Powerful Data Access

Complex data access and manipulation is nearly codeless and database agnostic

Rich Library

An expansive set of objects provides practically all you need and saves time

Universal Projects

Projects deploy to all supported OSs and devices or target a specific combination


“Cloud” projects deploy to the cloud or create a hybrid with some REST Web APIs

.NET Technology

Powered by a .NET middle tier, utilize .NET assemblies & Web APIs

Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 R2

The new generation of Appeon PowerBuilder combines native PowerBuilder development with open standards and cloud technologies. PowerBuilder 2017 R2 brings PowerBuilder’s highly-productive business app development capabilities to Windows 10, iOS, and Android, and gives an opportunity for users to benefit from many future Appeon’s innovations.

  • More Windows OS Choices

    The PowerBuilder IDE is compatible with Windows 7/10, and PowerBuilder projects are compatible with Windows 7/10, and Windows Server 2008/2016.

  • More Database Choices

    The new PowerBuilder support the open-source database PostgreSQL 10. Also, is compatible with the latest versions of many popular databases, such as SQL Server 2016, Oracle 12c, SQL Anywhere 17 and Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.

  • RESTful Web Service Client

    RESTful Web APIs are allowing developers efficiently to execute CRUD operations over TLS 1.2, parse & generate JSON, and even load JSON into your DataWindows – just by writing a few lines of code.

  • Git and SVN Integration

    Native interfaces are provided for both Git and SVN, supporting more source control features, delivering faster response time, and eliminating third-party plugins.

  • Generate PDFs Natively

    Generate PDFs with advanced features from within your app using smile native PowerBuilder APIs without PDF printer installations or license expensive PDF libraries.

  • Go Mobile

    Leverage existing PowerBuilder code assets and skills to rapidly create iOS and Android apps, from a single project, with support for many popular mobile device APIs and Cordova plugins.


In the subscriptions are included a non-perpetual license for PowerBuilder, major and minor upgrades, and standard technical support. If your project requires a more advanced level of technical support, please contact us to discuss Appeon PowerBuilder premium level or a custom plan tailored to your needs.

License Standart Cloud Universal
Desktop Win 32/64
Native Database Drivers
Web Service Client
Updates & Fixes
Standard Support
.NET Web Services
.NET Assemblies
PowerServer Toolkit
PowerServer Mobile
PowerServer Web *
*Server licensed separately