Microsoft 365 Implementation

ASAP offers you the service to install and support Microsoft 365 for your organization. In Microsoft 365 you will discover the well-known Office applications, but now they are cloud-based and thus are always up-to-date.

Microsoft 365 advantages

Microsoft 365 now presents you with the possibility to optimize your work with all Office applications, using different types of devices, as well as online cloud storage and file sharing.

Microsoft 365 and ASAP

ASAP offers you a complete solution for Microsoft 365 installation and administration, which includes:

What exactly is Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the place, where your well-known Microsoft meets the cloud. Using Microsoft 365 you still have all Office applications, that you are used to, but now they are located in the cloud and you can use them with all your devices anywhere, anytime. AS a plus, you will also get cloud-based e-mail, and the possibility to organize online meetings.

With Microsoft 365 you will be able to create and edit your documents with any device you choose. For example, you have worked on the sales report for your company from your desktop computer, but later on you need to update the information, when you have already left the office – this could be done by any other of your devices. And all the information inside the organization is connected. If some of your colleagues are also working on the same document at the time you need to change it, they will see the changes and will have the possibility to send you an instant message. You can also share the document via e-mail or online.

You will have all features that you are used to now, if you choose to migrate to Microsoft 365. Working from a distance does not change anything. And all new applications’ updates will be made automatically.

Your working place is no longer the same. Thanks to Microsoft 365 you will get all known possibilities. Microsoft 365 will improve the workflow efficiency wherever you are.