Notice to Skippers systems

NtS is a web-based service for data transmission of fairway information that provide information related to fairway conditions, traffic, weather, water levels and ice for Fairway Information Services and supports the NtS 4.0 standard.

Notice to Skippers (NtS)

NtS provides short-term and long-term information on the condition of fairways, meteorological conditions, depth, difficulties along the route due to icing or floods and others. ASAP has built a web service according to the NtS 4.0 standard, which is one of the key components of River Information Systems (RIS).

Advantages of ASAP NtS

  • The NtS service is designed with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and provides standard communication platforms for information exchange.

  • ASAP NtS meets all the requirements set out in Notices to Skippers 4.0.

  • NtS provides a standardized data format that can be used to publish notifications to captains on the Internet (pull services) or for distribution by e-mail (push services).

  • ASAP NtS to be used alone or easily implemented in any river information system.

Case Study
Executive Agency "Research and Maintenance of the Danube River"

Need to create a systematic approach to asset and process management for the Bulgarian part of the Danube and to implement it in the form of software, which includes the Notice to Skippers 4.0 service.

We design Waterway Management System (WAMS) with scalable architecture, and we develope of an integrated waterway management system, including a Notice to Skippers (NtS) 4.0 service.

The NtS service allows easy access to information about the Danube River and exchanges data with automatic weather and water stations. WAMS improves inland waterway transport's safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness through harmonized, interoperable tools and information.