Specialized information systems

ASAPIT offers you a complete solution for developing and maintenance of specialized information systems for your business and thus you will be able to optimize the workflows in your organization.

Our portfolio

The specialized information systems, developed by ASAPIT, are ensuring traceability and efficiency. They will help you deal with real cases, which are part of everyday business, such as - preparation of analyzes of data in real time, trace and control of critical processes, etc. Some of our successfully implemented projects are:


ZOP1.BG is an innovative platform for publishing of procurements in the cloud and is in compliance with the Bulgarian public procurement law, valid since April, 15th, 2016.


TEST.BG is the biggest web portal in Bulgaria for tests conduction with more than 50 000 users. The platform gives you possibilities to get certifications from SAP, Microsoft and other leading IT companies.

Information system for suicidal actions in Bulgaria

Web-based portal, for monitoring the attempts for suicide in real time. The data is used by National center of public health and analyses for analytical references.