VTT Systems

ASAP offers a web-based marine traffic visualization solution that supports the Vessel Tracking and Tracing Standard (VTT), ECDIS (Electronic chart display), and NtS 4.0.

Vessel Tracking and Tracing Systems

Our solution provides an opportunity for comprehensive monitoring of vessel traffic, provision of navigation information, and analysis of inland waterways, which increase the efficiency and competitiveness of river ports. Our software is fully compatible with European standards and meets all specific River Information Services (RIS) requirements.

Key functionalities

  • The solution is designed to receive, process, store, visualize and exchange Inland AIS (Automatic Identification System) messages.

  • There are built-in APIs for obtaining information about the navigation situation from various sensors.

  • The software analyzes the traffic in the inland waterways and generates automated alarms according to set criteria.

  • Fully compatible with the European requirements of the VTT standard and all specific requirements of RIS.

Case Study – BULRIS


The client has the necessity of modern software for maritime traffic visualization compatible with all browsers and in accordance with the requirements of international standards, RIS Guidelines 2004, Inland ECDIS Standard Edition 2.0, Vessel Tracking and Tracing Standard Edition.


We design a scalable integration architecture, and we develop a new modern software solution that supports Inland AIS standard ITU-R 1371-3, Inland ECDIS Standard Edition 2.0, and NtS 4.0.


We are improving the management and increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the river ports in the Republic of Bulgaria by implementing a modern system for vessel traffic visualization with high productivity and added integration services.