Mitel PBX

ASAP is pleased to offer you platforms intended explicitly for small businesses and large enterprises with extensive telephony features as a Mitel partner. The system allows stable call control and a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.

Why choose Mitel?


Mitel has a wide range of business telephone systems suitable for companies and organizations with 1 - 99 sites and unlimited employees. These include integrated landline, mobile, and VoIP telephone systems. Users can move seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices, even during calls. One phone number can be connected anywhere - office, car, home, hotel, anywhere.

Basic functions

  • You have the opportunity to combine your mobile phone with your phone system so that you are never inaccessible unless you want to be!

  • Remote access - you have the same features inside and outside the workplace at no extra cost.

  • Built-in conferencing without having to pay a hosted conference provider.

  • Phone Manager app allows you to check messages (CTI), identify if your colleague is available, show call history, allow instant messaging between users, and store unlimited business numbers.

  • Ability to respond to your customers on your website.

We supply complete business telephone systems based on the Mitel MiVoice Office 250 communication platform or the Mitel MiVoice business IP communication platform. These systems are adaptive, reliable, and feature-rich. ASAP also has the competence for maintenance and repair of Mitel MiVoice Office 250 and Mitel MiVoice telephone exchanges. We can provide 24/7 support for your telephone exchange.

Защо да купим Mitel ?


Why buy Mitel?

Ability to intelligently route calls, quickly connecting customers with the right person.

Has functionality to monitor and improve the performance of your employees.

Has many customization options that allow you to meet the changing needs of a dynamic business environment.

It has a system hybrid architecture, making it a very flexible and scalable solution.

MiVoice Office 250 Overview