Building and maintaining of PBX systems

ASAP has rich experience in installation and support of different types of PBX systems, including Cisco, ASAP, Siemens, Unify, 3CX and many others.

Complete solution for building, installation and maintenance of PBX systems

ASAP offers complete, flexible and agreeable with your needs services for phone systems maintenance and support. You can rely on us to provide you with full reliability of your telephone systems, while you concentrate on the growing of your business. When you trust us, you get full monitoring, maintenance and repair of the whole phone infrastructure at your company.

Telecommunication solution for your business

When you choose ASAP to support your telephone exchange system, you get:

  • Quality

    ASAP can offer subscription packages for support under warranty and after warranty maintenance of telephone equipment of the leading phone producers. All packages include free labor cost, unlimited calls and onsite visits.

  • Fastness

    You can rely on instantaneous help over the phone or through our specialized system for remote control. If the problem could not be solved remotely and should be fixed onsite, we will send our specialists to visit you in not more than 2 hours after your first call.

  • Full report

    You will get a detailed report for the current state of your telephone exchange system and all performed activities after every visit of our specialists.

  • Fixed support expenses

    You will pay fixed monthly fee, for which will get regular support, independently of the number of visits and their duration, no additional fees for transportation or other expenses.

What does the ASAP service plan include for telephone exchange system support?

  • Building of telephone exchange system

    If now you are using an analog telephone exchange system and want to migrate to SIP phone system, we can offer you to build your new SIP system for free. When you choose your SIP system, you will be able to choose your service provider, according to their terms and will not be bound just to one of the telecoms.

  • Telephone exchange system support

    We are performing constant remote monitoring on your system and monthly technical maintenance onsite, so that you can rely on its proper performance.

  • Diagnosis

    What makes us different from the most companies, that offer phone systems support, is that the diagnostic of the system is free of charge and you always get detailed report for the current state of the telephone exchange system and the required repairs. You will be prepared in advance for the actions that should take place and all necessary changes will be made only after we get your consent.

  • Telephone exchange system repair

    Our service plans include all labor costs, in case of repair of the phone systems and all adjoining phone devices, as well as transport costs if the system should be transported to service center and returned back after repair. You do not need to pay any additional fees.

  • Remote help

    There are no limitations of your calls to us per month. The remote support is performed during the hours, which are described in the contract for technical support of the telephone exchange system. Any support, outside the described and agreed hours, is not covered and is subject to additional charge.

What does the ASAP service plan for telephone exchange system support NOT include?

  • Additional cabling at your office

    If you want to move physically or to change the existing cable system, which is already installed by our team, we can do it and will charge you for it.