ASAP - Mass Notification System

Communication during emergencies is fast and reliable with ASAP MNS. Employee safety is our top priority. Using ASAP MNS, employees can communicate, identify threats, and monitor their safety.

Mass Notification by ASAP

Businesses and the state institutions face a growing number of threats every day, including severe weather conditions and health crises across the globe. A modern and reliable emergency communication system is essential to keeping employees safe during these critical events. That’s why companies across a range of industries—are turning to ASAP MNS.


Enjoy the intuitive experience that is easily implemented and adopted.



The solution we built was tailored to meet the needs of an increasingly dispersed, mobile workforce.



Protect your teams and business with a robust, scalable infrastructure trusted by many customers


What we offer?

Implementation & Support

You will have dedicated account manager and 24/7 support with an average response time of 5 minutes.

Intuitive User Experience

With our user-friendly software you’ll enjoy an intuitive experience that doesn’t require any specific training to work with.

One platform

Send your message in seconds and mobilize a coordinated response with just a few clicks. Eliminate errors with preconfigured templates and guided workflows.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Very good message visibility via voice call, text message, email, mobile app push, desktop takeover, Slack, and more.

Quick Conference Call Initiation

Initiate a conference call in seconds without meeting invites or pin codes to bring response teams together faster.

Two-Way Communication

Ensure safety by sending read confirmations, surveys, notification replies, and "help" requests.

Notification Templates & Permissions

Use pre-made communication templates to send your message with only a few clicks, and restrict access to only certain users.

Flexible Delivery Settings

Notify through all channels all at once or in order until the message is received, and enable retry automation.

Delivery Insights & Reporting

Keep track of message delivery and audience reactions in real time and gain useful insights through thorough reporting.

Integrated Global Threat Intelligence

Hasten the recognition of threats to your personnel with analyst-approved intelligence and location-based impact calculation and warnings.

Event Pages for Resources & Updates

Put all notifications, resources, updates, and questions related to a certain incident in one online location

Easy Data Syncing & User Management

Automatization of data syncing with your internal systems will help you ensure accurate contact info and easily assign admin permissions.

Dynamic User Groups

For quick identification of the right audience based on the criteria you set, ASAP MNS offer automate group creation during data syncs.

Mobile App

You can monitor threats, send multichannel messages and manage incoming responses from anywhere.

Integrated Employee Safety Monitoring

With our 24/7/365 monitoring team and a mobile app that provides a one-touch distress signal, you will safeguard your workforce.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Reliability

ASAP’s GDPR and CCPA-compliant system protects your data with full encryption and world class security policies.

Implement in an Hour, Send a Message in Seconds

ASAP provides a simple, easy onboarding and a dedicated resource so you can get up and running quickly, with less effort.